ISBN: 978-618-5048-96-9
pages: 256
size: 20.5 x 13.5 cm.
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God Is My Witness

Translated by Joshua Barley
Cover illustration by Konstantinos Markopoulos

It is the eve of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, and Chrysovalantis—a chronically unsuccessful but enthusiastic employee of the publishing industry—has been put out of work yet again. He begins a vitriolic monologue, taking aim at his many persecutors, from cruel bosses to opportunistic women to embar­rassing, crippling illnesses. An ageing relic of a bygone era, hounded by the challenges of a fast-changing city, he nonetheless sees the irony of his plight. Vice-ridden yet God-fearing, family-loving yet swindled even by his own sisters, this repentant anti-hero will set his record straight once and for all. And God is his witness.

Tsitas manages to create one of the most interesting characters in Greek literature of recent years.
— Despina Trivoli

…Destined to be a classic.
— Nikos Vatopoulos

…An unforgettable hero.
— Dimitris Fyssas

Through his heroes, Tsitas traces the mentality of an entire generation.
— Eftychia-Alexandra Loukidou



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