Marinos Vlessas & Maria Malakou

Marinos Vlessas and Maria Malakou were both born in Athens, in 1950 and 1951 respectively, and both studied Architecture. Since 1996 they have been particularly interested in pre-industrial technologies focusing on the History of Papermaking and Watermarks, topics on which they have given numerous lectures. They co-authored Pulp and Paper Industries in Greece, 19th-20th century (Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, Athens, 2008), and Living Paper Production and Identity among the Lanten of Northern Laos (Aiora Press, Athens, December 2011).

Two aficionados of paper, they have been traveling for over 15 years all over the world doing field research and collecting papermaking tools, rare paper, prints, books and other related material. Part of their collection was presented in an exhibition at the 7th Thessaloniki International Book Fair, in May 2010, on the occasion of the book launching, in collaboration with the National Book Centre of Greece. Watch the video on youtube.

Books published by Aiora Press
History of Paper
Xue Tao